Web Chat Guide


  1. Login
  2. Starting Chats
  3. Canned Messages
  4. Escalation to Cobrowsing or Webcalling
  5. Ending Chats
  6. Chat Logs

1. Login

Note: Talkative recommends that agents use Google Chrome browser.

Your initial login details will be emailed to you. Upon first login, please change your password to a secure password of your choosing. Talkative recommends that your password complies with your company's password policy.

When you are logged in, you must be on the "queue" page in order to receive incoming chat requests.

When a customer submits a chat request to the queue, any agent can answer the request. The first person to accept the request starts the conversation.

You will receive a browser notification when a new chat session is requested by the customer.

2. Starting Chats

To accept a chat, simply click on the customer request.

You and the customer are able to send messages back and forth. All chat messages are stored.

There are no limits on how many chat sessions you can handle at once.

3. Canned Messages

To save time typing out common messages, you are able to use 'pre-canned' chat messages. In order to type a canned message, type ## to bring up a preview of all of the available canned messages.

Canned Messages Preview

You can then use the arrow keys to cycle through the options or use a mouse and scroll wheel. You can also type out the first few letters of the canned message shortcut to narrow down available options.

Canned Messages Option

To select a canned message either click it or hit enter/tab if using the arrow keys. This will then paste that message into the chat box allowing you to press enter again/click send to send the message.

Canned Messages Pasted

More information on canned messages.

4. Escalation

If you think that web chat alone is not enough to solve the customer problem, you can easily escalate to use cobrowsing or start a webcall, depending on the features available to you.

Escalation Buttons

4.i. Starting Cobrowsing If you think cobrowsing would help the customer, you can initiate a cobrowsing session by pressing 'Offer Cobrowse'.

This will prompt a customer with a request to start cobrowsing.

For details on how to best use cobrowsing, please see the Talkative Cobrowsing Guide.

4.ii. Starting Webcalling Voice If you think the customer would be best served by communicating via voice, you can escalate to a webcall voice session by pressing the 'Offer Voice Call' button. This voice call will either go to your browser, your deskphone, or a separate voice queue, depending on how your system is set up.

4.iii. Starting Webcalling Video If you think the customer would be best served by communicating via video, you can escalate to a webcall video session by pressing the 'Offer Video Call' button.

5. Ending Chats

The customer can end the chat session at any time. If you feel it is time to end a chat, you can do so by simply pressing the 'End Interaction' button.

End Interaction

6. Chat Logs

If you need to review a previous chat session, you can find the chat logs in the Interaction Logs section within the supervisor console.

Interaction Logs

You can drill down into individual chat sessions to view the chat transcript.

Interaction Logs

Last updated on 12th May 2021