Customer View

Customer View is a feature that allows agents to see exactly what page the customer is on in real time.

Using Customer View

During any interaction with a website visitor (chat, voice, video, cobrowse), press the Customer View button:

CV Toggle

You can now see the same page the website visitor is looking at!

CV Toggle

Customer View can be quickly toggled on and off to understand website visitor behaviour at a glance.

Customer View doesn't require any permissions or downloads for the customer.


Customer View uses IFrame technology. While agents see which page the customer is on, agents CANNOT see any session data that relates to that customer. For example, if the customer has items in their shopping basket, agents cannot see this just from the Customer View feature. However, agents CAN see this information using cobrowsing or by passing through interaction data.

Some websites do not allow IFrames, in which case agents may not be able to see anything.

Last updated on 30th Jan 2019