Cobrowsing User Guide

Cobrowsing lets you join the customer as they interact with your website/app.

There are two ways to initiate a session:

1. Starting from a Talkative webcall or text-chat: If you are enabled with cobrowsing, you will be able to prompt the customer to start cobrowsing at any point during your chat session. If you think cobrowsing would help the customer, you can initiate a cobrowsing session by pressing 'Add Cobrowse'.

Add cobrowse

2. Starting from a Telephone call: To connect with a customer during a phone call, you must ask the customer to read out the unique code from the popup on your website. This popup can be accessed on the bottom right of their screen. You enter this code into your agent console, to start the session.

Enter PIN

In both cases, the customer must accept the cobrowsing session. Initiating a session will prompt a customer with a request to start cobrowsing.

Customer prompt

Cobrowsing Features

You should now be presented with a render of the customer screen. You see what they see. Your view is limited to the customer's tab that is visiting your website.

When the 'arrow selector' tool is selected, you can interact with elements of the website. You can click on links, and scroll up and down the page. You can even fill in forms.

Cobrowsing Features


When the 'pen tool' is selected, you can annotate the screen. This tool leaves a temporary mark on the page. The annotation is removed when you scroll up and down the page, or upon changing page.


To clear the annotation, simply choose the 'Clear Annotation' tool.

Clear Annotation

The 'Flashing Highlight' allows an alternate form of screen annotation. Pressing it causes a temporary flashing where your mouse is. This can be used to annotate the page.


Document Push

To share documents with the customer, click the share document button. This will pop a modal asking to upload a document. Please note only PDF and images are currently supported.

Share Doc Button

Load Doc

The customer has to accept the document before it can be displayed in their browser.

Customer Confirm

Once the document has been rendered, you are able to control how it is presented. You can move the render around the screen, zoom in, zoom out, and resize the display. Press the 'cross' button to close the window. You can show multiple documents at once, however it is recommended that only one is shown at a time.

Doc controls

To end a session, press the 'End Interaction' red button. This will end the entire session. The customer is able to end a cobrowsing session at any time.

End session

Last updated on 12th May 2021