Canned Messages

Canned messages allow your agents to quickly send frequently typed out messages.

What Are Canned Messages?

A canned message consists of a label and a message. The label is a reference to the message. A label always starts with ##. A message consists of text.

For example if you find that agents frequently type out the same welcome message you could summarise that by typing ##intro which will paste a standard introduction message into the chat box. This message can utilise different variables to give the message a dynamic and less robotic feel.

How do I create a Canned Message?

If logged in as a supervisor or admin, you are able to view, edit and create canned messages. Navigate to the canned messages sidebar.

Canned Messages Creation

A label must be no longer than 20 characters and must not contain any symbols other than '-'. A message must not be longer than 500 characters. After entering information click submit.

Canned messages can be made available to all queues, or made only for specific queues.

Parameter Description Inputs
Label A label that best represents the message 20 characters max, no symbols apart from '-'
Message A message to be pasted into the chat box 500 characters max, no other restrictions

How Do I Edit Canned Messages?

You can edit canned messages by clicking the pencil icon and typing in the text box created around the message.

Edit Messages

How Do I Delete A Canned Message?

In the second box there is a bin icon, clicking on this will create an "are you sure" popup. Clicking confirm on this popup will delete the message forever.

How Do I Use Variables In The Messages?

In the third box there is a table containing all of the avaliable chat variables. To use this within a message simply type the variable into the message creation box. For example if you want a canned message that would display the agent's name, you can type Hello my name is ^^agentName^^ how may I help today?. This would replace ^^agentName^^ with the name of the agent that is logged in.


How Do I Use A Canned Message?

In order to type a canned message, type ## to bring up a preview of all of the available canned messages.

Canned Messages Preview

You can then use the arrow keys to cycle through the options or use a mouse and scroll wheel. You can also type out the first few letters of the canned message shortcut to narrow down available options.

Canned Messages Option

To select a canned message either click it or hit enter/tab if using the arrow keys. This will then paste that message into the chat box allowing you to press enter again/click send to send the message.

Canned Messages Pasted

Can I Add More Chat Variables?

Please email if you have a request for additional chat variables.

Last updated on 12th May 2021