UI Design Options


Pre-Built UI Options

Standard Pre-Chat UI

The following UI is presented as standard:

Default Talkative UI

With optional 'callout':

Default Talkative UI

Under certain screen sizes, the UI collapses to a small speech bubble:

Mobile UI

When clicked, contact options are shown:

Talkative Options

Configuration Options

Please view https://support.talkative.uk/technical/adding-scripts for further detail on script configuration options.

The following aspects of the UI can be configured/changed: • Positioning - Talkative UI can be placed anywhere along the horizontal on the bottom of the page. The default is 10% from the right hand side of the page
• Primary colour - The main colour running through the UI
• Callout - This is an optional ‘speech’ bubble. Logo and wording can be included.
• Wording
    • Main Title
    • Description
    • Feature button wording e.g. ‘Video Call’ can say ‘Video Call Now’
• Features offered (all optional)
    • Web Chat
    • Video
    • Voice
    • Email
    • Offline Email
    • Cobrowse
    • Email fields
• Email details - Description, extra field names
• Chat wait messages - messages, timings and colours
• Pre-interaction forms - collect Name, Email or other fields in the pre-interaction form
• Feedback - description, placeholder, submission confirmation

Build Your Own UI

More info: https://support.talkative.uk/technical/website-api-guide

Bespoke UI

Please get in touch with us to discuss any custom requests. We can design a UI for you to match your brand/website.

Last updated on 12th May 2021