Mitel IVR Screenpop Config

Talkative webcalls received as voice calls into your contact centre can be correlated with video/cobrowse and other features that are accessed via the Talkative browser based console. They are correlated with a 6 digit 'QuickRef' number.

You can set the ScreenPopOnRinging workflow variable in the IVR workflow. In the IVR you will have access to workflow variables "ANI" and "DNIS" which can be passed as URL parameters in the ScreePopOnRinging variable. They may also be used to determine which queue to route the call to (i.e. the video agent's queue). You would set this variable just before the call is routed to the queue. You have to have the Ignite agent client running on the desktop. Once the voice call is offered to the agent, the URL will be executed.

IVR settings

This will cause incoming calls to screenpop the Talkative console:

Ignite screenpop

The Talkative console includes tools such as video, cobrowsing, web chat, and customer journey information, as well as any custom variables that are passed through from the website.

Browser console

Last updated on 12th May 2021