Mitel Call Me (Callback) Configuration

Talkative Callback allows you to use our customer facing UI to interface with Mitel Callback inside your MiCC.

This can be integrated by following the the outlined steps:

  1. Create the callback workflow inside YSE.
  2. Login to Talkative Engage and navigate to your Company Settings Company Settings.
  3. Click "Add Call Me" and choose Mitel
  4. Fill in the details from your MiCC Configuration.
  5. (Optional) Add "Set Variable" with ScreenPopOnRinging =<<CallbackClientName>> to show the Talkative console when the callback comes in.

NOTE: The Callback limits in YSE must be removed or significantly increased as it may block Talkative requests. Talkative will handle all the request filtering.

Last updated on 10th Sep 2019