Configuring Dialogflow

The Talkative Configuration for your chatbot is very simple, and similar to configuring Dialogflow for any other service.

Responding to basic user messages

Recognising the message.

The user messages are sent verbatim to Dialogflow and they can be recognised via the Training Phases.

Training Phases

Responding to the message

To respond to the message, simply fill in the Default Responses. One of those will be randomly selected as a response.

Response Example

Message suggestions

To fill in message suggestions, simply create a google assistant integration with suggestion chips, and fill in your desired responses.


Custom actions


To transfer, you will need to create a custom dialogflow response with the following content

  "talkative-engage": {
    "to": "<queue_uuid>",
    "action": "transfer"

You will need the UUID to match one of your queues.

Transfer Response Example


To end an interaction, you will need to send a custom response that contains.

  "talkative-engage": {
    "action": "end"
Last updated on 8th Oct 2020