Queues And Groups


Groups are simply a collection of agents.

Agents can be in multiple groups.

You can have unlimited groups.

When creating a group, all you have to do is assign users to the group.



Queues are used to direct website enquiries to different agent groups.

Each queue has a correlated email and SIP URI (both optional). Email is required for the use of offline-email and SIP URI is required for webcalling.

Add one or more groups to each queue that you create.

You can have unlimited queues. Groups can be in multiple queues.

Each queue has an associated Business Hours preset.

You can manage queue settings here: https://engage.talkative.uk/queues


Script Settings

You can now assign different queues to different parts of your website.

When generating scripts, you must pick a queue that the scripts relate to.

Queues Scripts

You can manually edit the queue that relates to the scripts by changing the queue-uuid ID.

The relevant ID can be found on the queues page under the UUID column.


Business Hours

You can assign different business hours for each queue.

Read more here: https://support.talkative.uk/admin-guide/business-hours

Change Queue Hours

Last updated on 12th May 2021