Page Push Admin

Page Push is a feature that allows agents to push URLs directly to the customer's browser, redirecting the customer to the desired page. A URL whitelist and blacklist are available to make sure an agent doesn't accidentally redirect a customer to the wrong URL.

The Page Push admin can be accessed here by Supervisors and Account Holders: Page Push Admin

Talkative customer scripts must be on version 1.13.0 or higher to enable Page Push.



Add a URL to the whitelist to allow an agent to push it to the customer's browser. By default, any URL that isn't in the whitelist is considered invalid. See the Rules section below for handy hints when adding URLs.

Note: Page Push will not be available to use in an interaction until at least one URL has been added to the whitelist.


If a URL not on the whitelist is considered invalid, the utility of a blacklist isn't immediately apparent. However, if you use a wildcard to whitelist entire sections of your website (see wildcards below), you may want to prevent agents from sending customers to specific parts of your website. This can be achieved by adding URLs to the blacklist.

URL Rules


A URL needs to be prefixed with a protocol (eg. https://). If your site runs on HTTP and HTTPS, you'll need to add both versions in your whitelist/blacklist.


Instead of having to whitelist/blacklist every URL in your website, you can place an asterisk (*) symbol to the end of a URL to act as a wildcard. For example* will match:

Wildcards can be extremely handy to whitelist entire sections of your website but make sure you lock down any unwanted areas by adding them to the blacklist. For example:*

Query Strings and Anchors

You don't need to whitelist/blacklist URLs with:

  • queries strings (any text following a question mark (?) in a URL)

  • text anchors (any text following a hashtag (#) symbol)

    Using Page Push

    Please see this user guide: Using Page Push

    Last updated on 12th May 2021