Business Hours

Business Hours

The Talkative application will not show outside of business hours. The only exception to this is if you have offline-email enabled as a feature.

Business hours can be edited and viewed here:

Please click 'Update' to save any changes you make.

Business Hours

Adding Multiple Shifts

You can add multiple shifts per day.


Different Hours For Different Queues

Talkative allows you to set different business hours for different queues, allowing you to have different opening hours for different parts of your website or different business units.

If you have just one set of business hours, this will be the Default business hours setting, and will apply to all queues.

To add another business hours preset, click 'Create Preset' to create a name and description for this preset.

New Preset

Next, configure the hours for this preset.

Finally, assign queues to this preset. All other queues will remain with the Default business hours preset.

Add Queues To Preset

Adjusting Hours In Queue Settings Page

You can also specify which hours preset applies to each queue within the queue settings page:

Change Queue Hours

Last updated on 12th May 2021