Adding Agent Photos

Agent avatars are displayed during Talkative interactions, to lend a more human feel to the conversation.

How Do I Add Agent Photos?

All users can add agent photos. This can be done within either the 'Profile' section to edit your own photo, or within to edit other users' photos.

Adding Image

What Sort Of Image Works Best?

We recommend simple, clear photos of your agents' faces. This adds a human element and helps with customer engagement.

You can add either JPEG or PNG filetypes, with a limit of 1MB.

Agent Photo Example

What Happens If No Photo Is Uploaded?

It doesn't matter if a user doesn't have an image. The default UI will show, rather than an agent having a blank avatar.

Can I Bulk Upload Agent Photos?

Please email with your requirements.

Requirements - Agent pictures are only displayed if Talkative scripts are version 1.12.0 or higher.
Last updated on 12th May 2021